Memory Foam Mattresses: Wholesome, Hygienic, Heavenly

We've all seen the adverts for Memory Foam Mattresses. They're usually plastered in the windows of major furniture sellers (you know the ones) or slipped in subtly between an ad for coffee and chocolate during the Corrie break.

We've all seen that TV ad, usually with a good-looking woman lounging luxuriously on what seems to be a mattress made from marshmallows, and we've all thought 'that looks good'. A few of us, especially those on diets, have even progressed to 'that looks tasty'. But believe us - we've tried it, and it doesn't actually taste that nice.

Memory foam mattresses work like a dream, though.

But you don't just want dreams. You want the real thing. How do we know this? Because you're on our website. And you're on this website for one simple reason: you want a memory foam mattress. Even if you tell yourself you're just researching, just browsing - we know the truth.

Because, let's face it, we all want one.

There are tons of great reasons to get one, too. Just look at this list - here's just 6 of them and this is only the start!

If they're not some of the best reasons in the world to buy a memory foam mattress, we'll eat our hats. What's more, we offer a fantastic deal* where every customer gets a free excuse, to use when and where they want. We've found they're particularly effective with frugal mothers, disapproving husbands (wives, we've noticed, are rarely disapproving of household purchases), and jealous friends.

But of course, if you don't believe us, you can always buy one and find out for yourself…